Introduction to Statistical Methods (201-922-DW)

Laboratory Technology - Analytical Chemistry Program
Dawson College, Fall 2015
Taught by Emilie Richer

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16 DECEMBER announcements:
Your final optional assignment is available here: Final Assignment
It is due at noon on December 23rd.

10 DECEMBER announcements:

Here is your guide for Monday's December 13th's test:

4 DECEMBER announcements:

  • I've uploaded the solutions to the take-home assignment 1
  • Remember to bring your assignment #7 to class on Monday
  • Your quiz on Monday will be comprised of the following:
1. Confidence intervals for the population mean
2. Hypothesis testing of means (two populations, dependent samples)
3. Hypothesis testing of means (two populations, independent samples)

30 NOVEMBER announcements:
Here is your updated end of semester schedule:

14 NOVEMBER announcements:
Hypothesis Testing: Take-Home Assignment 1
Due Friday November 20th, 1pm. Please include all your work with the submitted assignment. Use the following t-table for problems where the population standard deviation is unknown Student's t-table

2 NOVEMBER announcements:
Test 2 is this Friday, November 6th - below is a study guide with the topics and homework exercises to prepare you for the test:

16 OCTOBER announcements:
Homework exercises (binomial probability distributions) p.48-53 #1-14

6 OCTOBER announcements:
Homework exercises (discrete probability distributions) p.42-47 #1-23

Upcoming schedule:
Friday October 9th - regular class
Monday October 12th - no classes (Thanksgiving)
Tuesday October 13th - Friday schedule
Friday October 16th - no classes (PED day)

16 SEPTEMBER announcements:
Homework exercises (probability) p.38-39 #18-30

Quiz 1 (worth 2% of final grade) - Friday September 11
Study material: counting techniques, p 37-38 #1-17